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As a lawyer in Montreal with 15 years of relevant experience, Ewa Gerus is well known in her field and knows how to win a legal battle.

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Passionate and very socially


Ewa Gerus, a Montreal lawyer, defends your rights with passion and rigour.

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Since the beginning of her career, Ewa Gerus has represented clients in highly contested cases. She has pleaded equally before the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal.

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With 15 years of


Ewa Gerus is well known in her field and knows how to win a legal battle.

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Ewa Gerus Lawyer

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As a lawyer serving Montreal and its surrounding area, Ewa Gerus specializes in family law. Whether you are confronting a problem with child support payments, child custody, or the division of matrimonial property after a separation or divorce, you can call upon her services as a Montreal lawyer to represent you and to help you win your case.


Specifically, Ewa Gerus, a lawyer based in Montreal, offers her expertise in the following areas:

Legal Aid Lawyer
Family Law Lawyer
Divorce and Separation Lawyer
Child Support Lawyer
Domestic Violence Lawyer
Legal Clinic

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Or to make an appointment with her, call 514 688-1775.
Ewa Gerus serves the regions of Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, and many others.