Child Support Lawyer

Ewa Gerus, a lawyer specializing in Family Law

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You are separated and you are required to pay alimony to your ex-spouse? Or you have custody of your children and want child support from your former spouse to help you to pay for their needs?

Fifteen Years of Experience in Family Law

Ewa Gerus, a lawyer specializing in family law, including child support, can help you resolve your litigation. Practising law for 15 years, this child support lawyer, member of the Barreau du Québec (the Quebec Bar Association), knows the field and will passionately defend your rights, as she has for each of her clients since from the beginning of her career.

Calculation of Child Support and Payment

During a separation or divorce, it is not always easy to determine – much less to agree upon – the amount of child support. Too often, petty differences between the spouses make reaching a consensus difficult.

This is why it can be helpful – if not essential – to rely on a child support lawyer to achieve your objective.

Thanks to her connections with specialized resources, such as women's shelters, Ewa Gerus, child support lawyer, can offer you all the support you need to help you through your ordeal and, most importantly, use her expertise to help you succeed.

To minimize the damage and help you to sleep soundly, do not hesitate to call on Ewa Gerus, child support lawyer, to litigate on your behalf for alimony payments.

Passion and Social Commitment

Passionate and socially engaged, Ewa Gerus received the Saint-Yves Medal in October 2015 in recognition of having established a legal clinic to make the law accessible to victims of domestic violence.

Ewa Gerus, lawyer, serves Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, and many other regions. To learn more about her services or to make an appointment, call 514 688-1775..