Legal Aid Lawyer

Ewa Gerus, family law lawyer.

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Professional, passionate and dedicated

You are eligible for legal aid and are looking for a competent lawyer in family law and legal aid? Ewa Gerus, family law lawyer, is the professional you are looking for.

Very socially engaged, Ewa Gerus is a professional, passionate, and dedicated lawyer who accepts legal aid cases. With 15 years experience as a lawyer and member of the Barreau du Québec (the Quebec Bar Association), she can help you settle your dispute by vigorously defending your interests while providing you with the legal advice to allow you to understand your family problems more clearly.

Accessible, Available and Affordable

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, you are undergoing a divorce or separation, or you need a legal aid lawyer to help you resolve a child support dispute, do not hesitate to call on her services.

Accessible, available, and affordable, Ewa Gerus, a legal aid lawyer, established a legal clinic in October 2014 to make justice attainable for those otherwise excluded.

A legal aid lawyer

Knowing very well the area of family law, Ewa Gerus, legal aid lawyer, works with professional and effective ressources, such as women's shelters, in order to ensure that her clients are supported at all levels throughout the judicial process.

To learn more about the services of Ewa Gerus, lawyer, or to make an appointment with her, call 514 688-1775. She serves the regions of Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, and many others.

What is legal aid and who is entitled to it?

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Legal aid is a program established by the government to allow low-income people to have access to legal resources they need to defend themselves. Entitlement depends on one's income level and marital status. To find out if you qualify, click on the following link: