Legal Clinic

A Clinic That Makes Justice Accessible to Victims of Domestic Violence

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The law accessible to everybody

Through her passion for her work as a lawyer, but mainly to make the law accessible to everybody, Ewa Gerus, a lawyer specializing in family law, decided to found a legal clinic in March 2014.

After 15 years of practising family and specializing in domestic violence cases, this lawyer, a member of the Quebec Bar, wanted to help society by ensuring that all women – and all victims of domestic violence – should have equal access to justice, regardless of their financial situation.

Learning to Defend Themselves

The legal clinic established by the lawyer Ewa Gerus essentially guides and informs victims of domestic violence about how they can best defend themselves in court. Too often it happens that victims of domestic violence do not know their options and, for that reason, give up on the idea of laying criminal charges or prosecuting their attacker.

Through this legal clinic, Ewa Gerus, in her capacity as a lawyer, advises you and helps you to see your domestic violence situation more clearly so that you can choose the right means to free yourself.

Consultations by Appointment Only

The clinic is offered twice a month on Saturdays, between 1 pm and 6 pm. This is a free visit which aims to answer questions about family law, all in a confidential and private setting. The consultations are held by appointment only.

To make an appointment with Ewa Gerus, call 514 688-1775.
Ewa Gerus serves the regions of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and many others.

Saint-Yves Medal

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In recognition of the founding of her legal clinic, Ewa Gerus received the Medal of Saint-Yves in October 2015.
This prize, awarded by the organization Pro Bono Québec, highlights the exceptional work of a lawyer or a legal organization in Quebec.